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Welcome to Atlantic Oral Surgery. We specialize in developing technologically advanced and custom oral treatment plans and performing specialized oral surgeries. We have an exceptional team who are highly skilled, board-certified, and dedicated to diagnosing and treating a large range of oral health problems our patients may be dealing with. If you’re looking for an oral surgeon who can provide professional, safe and expert dental implant treatments and surgeries that you can trust, please feel free to have a look at how Atlantic Oral Surgery can help you every step of the way.

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Dental Implants in Charlotte NC

Our oral surgery practice is based in North Carolina and pride ourselves on our exceptional care and treatment plans to patients based in the cities of Mooresville, Statesville, Lake Norman, and Cornelius and who are in need of professional dental health care. At Atlantic Oral Surgery, we specialize in a variety of procedures, ranging from complex oral and maxillofacial surgery treatments such as Wisdom Teeth Removal, Impacted Canines and Oral Pathology. Our Dental Implant Surgeons are high-vetted and specifically chosen for their expertise, skill and ability to connect with each patient and tailor the treatment to fit their needs. If you’re in North Carolina and ready to book your appointment, connect with us today and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Dental Implants Mooresville

One of our specialities lies in providing professional and safe Dental Implant Services. Each one of our experienced oral surgeons takes great pride in utilizing their extensive knowledge and highly skilled expertise to help their patients with their specific dental needs and is available to discuss the possibility of dental implants with new patients. Whether you are interested in investing in your oral health or looking for an oral surgeon to design a treatment plan for your dental implant surgery, be sure to contact us and schedule your appointment today. Our team at Atlantic Oral Surgery would be more than happy to talk you through the next steps.

Dental Implants Mooresville

What are dental implants?

In short, a dental implant consists of metal posts or frames that are inserted into your jawbone. This metal post acts as an artificial root and is placed beneath your gums. Once they are in place, your dentist will be able to fix the replacement teeth on them.

At Atlantic Oral Surgery, we effectively and safely implant a permanent surgical fixture that acts as a replacement for your missing tooth. This procedure is considered the most effective replacement for a natural tooth, without affecting your natural teeth, and is planned and executed according to each patient’s oral examination and surgeon’s recommendations.

How do dental implant procedures work?

When performing dental implant surgery, your oral surgeon will replace your tooth roots with artificial posts. This replaces any missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that function and look exactly like natural teeth. The biggest appeal to dental implants is the fact that they can offer an exceptional permanent alternative to dentures or bridgework. Dentures are renowned for feeling uncomfortable or not having that perfect fit. Dental Implants combats all those issues.

Dental Implants in Charlotte NC

It’s important to note that no procedure comes with a ‘one size fits’ template, and dental implant surgery performed at Atlantic Oral Surgery highly depends on a variety of personal elements and varies from each patient. Some of the specific aspects that your oral surgeon will take into account when designing your custom treatment plan include the type of implant that will be used and the condition of your jawbone

Dental Implants in Charlotte NC

What is the recovery time for Dental Implant Surgery?

Each patient will follow their own recovery timeline based on the specificities of their procedure, their personal treatment plan, and other personal elements that will be discussed with each patient prior to their surgery. However, the overall estimate, if there are no additional surgeries included in the initial timeline of your treatment plan, is expected to be anywhere from four weeks after your surgery.

However, the osseointegration time should also be considered when talking about the recovery process. This refers to the connection between the living bone and the surface of your implant, which can take anywhere from six to nine months to be fully recovered. Your Atlantic Oral Surgeon will provide you with your individual and tailored time frame that will include the least invasive procedure and aims to achieve optimal results with the least amount of inconvenience to the patient in the long term.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

When facing any type of surgery, it is easy to become apprehensive or overwhelmed by the process. However, we’re here to set your mind at ease about any anxieties or questions you may have about the procedure. Each patient is unique and should take into account their personal oral surgeon’s recommendations on what will best benefit them. That being said, here are a few general advantages of dental implant surgery.

Dental implants can last a lifetime.
They improve your ability to eat and chew.
They boost your confidence, appearance and bring your smile back.
They will never become subject to dental decay.
They improve your general dental hygiene by removing the impact of dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants
It’s completely normal to go into the procedure with some questions. However, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you’re kept in the loop and comfortable with every recommendation and decision being made. With our experience, we have come across a few questions that most patients have about the procedure.

At the moment, there are no other alternatives or ‘metal-free’ teeth when it comes to dental
implants. Dental implants are made of titanium alloy (similar to hip implants, shoulder implants, and knee implants), which is highly biocompatible. These implants are specifically designed and approved for their low risk,and highly effective structure.

No, dental implants are not removable and are permanently fixed into the bone. are fixed solidly in the bone. This procedure allows for the teeth to be replaced and implanted in a way that resembles the natural growth and structure of real teeth.

It’s important to know that even though there are great benefits to the surgery, every medical procedure comes with its set of potential risks. Fortunately, when it comes to dental implant surgery, the benefits far outweigh the risks. However, it’s still important that your talk to your surgeon about any possible side-effects or risks involved.

A few of the risks that come along with dental implant surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Injuries around the blood vessels or teeth
  • Nerve damage
  • Sinus complications

We recommend discussing each one of these with your doctor for more information and for peace of mind about the procedure.

How much does dental implant surgery cost?

Dental Implant Cost in Charlotte NC

There is a common misconception that dental implant costs are unaffordable. Paired with that belief, comes another notion that affordable dental implants aren’t as good or as professional. At Atlantic oral surgery, we believe that perfect dental health shouldn’t be unaffordable. That’s why each dental surgery and treatment performed at Atlantic Oral Surgery is carefully and strategically developed, to include each patient’s needs. By following the expertise and recommendations of your doctor and the oral surgeon, the best steps forward will be discussed to ensure that it is financially sustainable and in each patient’s best interest. Specific procedures may be covered by your medical aid provider and in such cases, the payment plan will be dealt with accordingly. However, at Atlantic Oral Surgery, we understand that each case needs to be looked at in isolation. Therefore, we strive to develop an affordable payment plan that allows our clients to receive the best care.

For more information on our payment structure, contact our administrative and finance team here – they’d love to help.

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