Facial Trauma and Treatment

At Atlantic Oral Surgery, we provide top-quality and technologically advanced oral surgery services that you can trust. Our team of highly skilled oral surgeons and doctors are exceptional in what they do and treat each patient with the utmost care, ensuring that all their dental needs are taken care of. Our procedures range from complex oral and maxillofacial surgery treatments such as Wisdom Teeth Removal, Impacted Canines, Oral Pathology and Dental Implants, to routine procedures and custom dental treatment plans. At our practice, we also provide specialized services to patients who are in need of treatment after mild or severe facial trauma.

After significant facial trauma or injury, it’s crucial to book an appointment with your oral surgeon to ensure there are no long-term complications. However, if you have recently experienced facial trauma – we strongly advise that you book an appointment with us today, and schedule your examination with one of our board-certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons.

What does facial trauma mean?

Facial trauma is often also referred to as Maxillofacial trauma and revolves around any injury that has occurred to the mouth, jaw, or face. Although each incident is unique, most facial traumas are caused by severe accidents and include injury to the teeth, skin, or facial bones.

What to do in case of an accident

At Atlantic Oral Surgery, we understand that in severe cases of facial trauma, prompt and quick treatment is crucial – which is why we urge patients to visit their nearest emergency room in the case of an accident. If the person is disorientated, or unconscious, do not attempt to move them yourselves and immediately call your nearest emergency unit. As soon as the situation is properly assessed by a medical professional, you will then be referred to an oral surgeon who will take a delicate and advanced approach to minimize scarring and restore optimal functioning and healing to the injury site.

Specific injuries to teeth

In the case of an injury to one or multiple teeth, your treatment plan will most likely involve the expert opinions of several doctors and oral surgeons to determine the best way forward. Our oral surgeons specialize in specific injuries that involve fractures to the bone or when teeth need to be replanted or replaced. In cases where the tooth is merely chipped or broken in half, you will be referred to a restorative dentist who will rebuild the missing part of the fractured tooth.

In the case of a knocked-out tooth – we recommend the following:

  • Place the tooth in milk or saliva.
  • Get to medical aid or your oral surgeon as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth can be re-inserted in its socket, the better the chances for the tooth to heal properly and survive.
  • Do not try to disinfect or wipe the tooth

In cases where the tooth cannot be re-implanted, your doctor will assess the situation and discuss further treatment plans such as dental implants.

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Minor and less severe facial trauma treatments

Our practice is perfectly structured to provide the best care for our patients. Each case is looked at individually and is our patients are required to undergo a full examination by our expert oral surgeons to determine the most beneficial treatment plan.

How much does facial trauma surgery cost?

In the case of severe facial trauma due to accidents, some or all of your expenses will most likely be paid for by your medical aid provider or hospital plan. However, it’s crucial to understand that each surgery and treatment performed at Atlantic Oral Surgery is unique and follows its own set of treatment plans and protocols. This plan is carefully and strategically tailored, following the recommendations of your medical team, to include each patient’s specific needs. The best steps forward will be discussed to ensure that it is financially sustainable and in each patient’s best interest. Each case is thus viewed differently and the payment plan is set up dealt with accordingly. However, at Atlantic Oral Surgery, we understand that each case needs to be looked at in isolation. Therefore, we strive to develop an affordable payment plan that allows our clients to receive the best care without the added anxiety of medical costs, especially in the cases of facial trauma and accidents.

For more information on our payment structure, contact our administrative and finance team here – they’d love to help.

Why make Atlantic Oral Surgery your top choice:

At Atlantic Oral Surgery, we pride ourselves on our exceptional team and professional services, and solution-driven services. If you’re considering scheduling your appointment with us, here are a few things you can expect from our side:

  • Exceptional, experienced, and certified doctors
  • Custom treatment plans developed by your oral surgeon
  • Top-priority safety protocols
  • Emergency Support
  • Superior customer support and guidance from reception to recovery.

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