Common misconceptions about Oral Surgery

Common misconceptions about Oral Surgery
Common misconceptions about Oral Surgery

Oh, the mysterious world of oral surgery. Our team boasts exceptional oral surgeons and staff, who strive to provide the utmost care, professionalism, and clear communication to their patients. However, in an era where unsolicited ‘medical’ advice is just a search engine away, it’s easy to get lost in a mix of myths and facts.

So, we’ve decided to clear up some of the most common misconceptions surrounding oral surgery.

  1. Myth: Recovery is difficult and intense
  2. This is probably the one we hear the most. Most people are under the impression that recovery from oral surgery is long and painful. In reality, however, most oral surgeries have fairly quick recoveries that don’t keep you from your daily activities for too long. You might feel a little tender or have to watch what you eat for a few days, but it’s not nearly as bad as some of the misinformation online depicts it to be. Each procedure is different and has a different recovery process. Trust your oral surgeon to give you a detailed and accurate recovery timeline.

  3. Myth: A dentist can do everything an oral surgeon can do
  4. Check those facts again! In many cases, a specialist will be needed to perform more complex surgeries or procedures. While it’s true that your dentist plays a crucial role in your dental health – larger and more complex procedures will be handed over to your oral surgeon.

  5. Myth: Oral Surgery can be a pricey affair
  6. To most patients’ surprise – most procedures are partially or fully covered by their dental insurance plan. At Atlantic Oral Surgery, each payment plan is tailored to fit the specific requirements and needs of the patient and is designed to be financially sustainable, without having to compromise on your health.

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Don’t worry, luckily we’re here to clear up anything that might still leave you feeling anxious or concerned. At Atlantic Oral Surgery, we pride ourselves on being there with you every step of the way – from reception to recovery. If you’re looking for more info regarding our practice, procedures or if you’re ready to make your booking – be sure to contact us here! We’d love to chat and help guide you through the process. Let’s bring back that smile!